• Participants will complete this module with an understanding of how a 1:1 student-to-device ration opens up their classrooms to the flipped classroom model of teaching and the pathways to resources available for assistance.


  • What is the flipped classroom approach?

  • What would it look like in my classroom?

  • Where can I look to learn more about adopting this approach?

In this module participants will look at ways to create a classroom workflow that includes both collaboration between teacher and students and between students.  

In this course teachers will be able to explain the various componets of a mobile workflow and begin to create and manage a professional mobile workflow of their own.  be able to confidently manage and create a professional mobile workflow.  Objective: Teachers will be able to confidently manage and create a professional mobile workflow. Essential Questions: Why is creating a mobile workflow important? What does a mobile workflow look like and how will it shift and impove my practices? How are others using mobile deivces to make their teaching workflow more efficient? How can I begin to thoughtfully alter my workflow to take advantage of the affordances of this device?

Kursautor: St. Vrain Valley School District - Veröffentlichender: St. Vrain Valley School DistrictSende Nachricht über Workflow - Part I (Teacher)